Xerox Apps that Save Time and Money


Xerox is today’s top copy and print supplier and for good reason – the company has partnered with tech across platforms to build accessible apps that any user or employee of any background can use.

Unlike some tech advances that make operations more complicated, Xerox has full suites of applications that are connected to popular software that employees are already familiar with to make adaptations and training quick and painless.

Boost Your Business

Let your employees help to build business by increasing productivity, mobility, and communication resources.

Crossing print and copy devices with tech support and mobile applications means you can solve more problems from anywhere – securely – and without obstacles.

Let Xerox Help

If you’re ready to explore new technology solutions, advanced methods for applying tech to print and copy and devices, and convenient ways to facilitate collaboration and communication both internally and externally, let Xerox help you today!

Xerox applications can:

  • Link your operating systems to the Xerox apps for more functionality and improved workflows across platforms.
  • Transform printed documents into digital versions to store, share, edit, or collaborate on using Microsoft Office Suite software.
  • Work on the cloud, using simple connectors so you can scan, print, and email, allowing you to work straight from the printer.

These examples are just the beginning of what you can do when you link your hard copy operations with Xerox apps and advancements.

Xerox Apps for Efficiency

Make an investment in better business operations – talk to the pros at United Business Technologies to establish the right Xerox applications for your organization.