Xerox Steps it Up with New Apps

employees working together

Your business can now connect with staff across software platforms using the new apps for Xerox ConnectKey devices. The apps are easy to buy and implement using the website, and your employees will be able to address client relations and workflow using these advanced technologies.

What is ConnectKey?

ConnectKey is the Xerox integration platform that makes it possible to bring together a variety of network programs and your office devices.

This further displays the commitment Xerox has made to being a technology powerhouse through advancing communications and connectedness.

Xerox Apps in Today's Workplace

Apps that connect to Xerox devices include Salesforce, QuickBooks, Blackboard, and more, in addition to audio, form, and link apps.

How does this boost your business? Recently, the Morrell Group announced a savings of 25% from automating distribution processes through Xerox.

Are you interested in saving 25% on costs or more? Do your employees need advanced technology and improved connectivity to do their jobs better? Time to invest in Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices.

The Right Device

Choosing the right device for your business is also a brief discussion to have with your print vendor.

When you're ready to look at the right machine for your office, especially if you are making a solid investment in technology that makes workflows run smoothly, make sure that you first analyze your office needs, functions, and requested print features.

With the right machine and the most up-to-date technology, you'll be on your way to a booming business.

Advance Your Print Environment

With updated print technology, you can get more out of your device investments than you thought possible. Get going to get more - talk to United Business Technologies today.