MFPs are Great for Business

Businesses have a great need for printing quality documents. They also have a need for copying, scanning and faxing. That is why most companies have office equipment to perform these duties.

If you work in a business office then you know the great importance of having a fax machine, a copier, a printer and a scanner. These things are used on a daily basis by companies all over America.

Even as companies move towards the paperless office these machines are still needed as much as ever.

Many companies have a separate machine that completes each of these tasks. Their employees have to make a stop at the printer then over to the scanner then over to the fax machine. This can by annoying as well as time consuming for you and your employees.

This can take up space and increase the amount of time spent on each project due to hopping from machine to the next for different tasks.

That is why Multi Function Printer (MFPs) are being purchased more often by companies because they have the ability of printing, faxing, scanning and copying. Not only are these machines more convenient but it is cheaper to own an MFP than it is to own multiple devices for these functions. MFPs are great for business! They also have the ability to do things that a normal printer cannot such as:

  • Finishing options, such as stapling, three-hole punch and booklet making
  • Ability to print, copy, scan and fax
  • High volume printing, in both color and monochrome
  • Easy to upgrade and troubleshoot
  • Access multiple functions simultaneously
  • Print documents in a number of varying sizes and volumes
  • Scan documents and convert them to digital format
  • Offers scan-one-print-many and the ability to increase the quality of copies by adjusting the resolution
  • Allows you to use inbound fax routing, faxing directly to your document management system, and desktop faxing

Upgrade to an MFP today and save time, money and space!

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