UBT - 2020 ENX Magazine Elite Dealer

2020 Elite DealerUnited Business Technologies Selected as a 2020 ENX Magazine Elite Dealer

Toluca Lake, CA (Nov. 1, 2020)— ENX Magazine announced that United Business Technologies (UBT) was among the nation’s top office technology dealerships chosen this year as a 2020 Elite Dealer. 

United Business Technologies is an industry leader in imaging solutions that is committed to providing quality Canon, HP, and Toshiba digital copiers, printers, color copiers and facsimile products supported by award-winning technical service and the most comprehensive array of customer guarantees and warranties in the industry.

“Increasing excellence has been a cornerstone of United Business Technologies’ mission and success. The Elite Dealer Recognition reaffirms our commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations while making our employees the best that they can be. We look forward to repeating this honor in 2021 through continued growth, diversification, and creative approaches to the marketplace.”

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